U.S. Mass Shooting Fatalities: The Last 20 Years

people have been killed in mass shootings* since .

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This animated data sonification illustrates the loss of life due to mass shootings in the United States since 1997. Each fatality is represented by a single orb in the illustration and a single note in the audio track. The time between clusters of notes is proportional to the time between each mass shooting incident.

*The data comes from Mother Jones' mass shootings investigation, which uses the definition of "mass murder" found in the FBI's crime classification report: an incident with four or more fatalities (excluding the perpetrator) in a single event, typically in a single location.

Design and development by Julia Smith/Knight-Mozilla

Mother Jones

Data sonification produced with MIDITime (Michael Corey/Reveal)
SVG animation produced with Snap.svg (Dmitry Baranovskiy/Adobe)