Mass Shootings: Fatalities

people have been killed in mass shootings since .

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This animated data sonification illustrates the loss of life due to mass shootings in the United States since 1982. The data comes from Mother Jones' mass shootings investigation, which uses the definition of "mass murder" found in the FBI's crime classification report: an incident with four or more fatalities (excluding the perpetrator) in a single event, typically in a single location.

Each fatality is represented by a single orb in the illustration and a single note in the audio track. The time between clusters of notes is proportional to the time between each mass shooting incident.

Data analysis, design, audio production, web development, and animation by Julia Smith/Knight-Mozilla
Research by Tawanda Kanhema/AJ+

Mother Jones

Data sonification produced with MIDITime (Michael Corey/Reveal)
SVG animation produced with Snap.svg (Dmitry Baranovskiy/Adobe)